The Cooach concept has been designed and developed in Stockholm, Sweden based on the founder’s extensive experience as CPA and entrepreneur. The concept is based on the conviction that digitization is about to create a whole new ecosystem of service providers to SMEs.

A truly disruptive change is just behind the corner. Existing structures with ad hoc based advice and knowledge based suppliers working independently with each other are about to disappear. This is good news for all SMEs. Technology will change the competitive landscape when the resources of a big firm are made available for small companies.

As in all technology driven developments, the insight into the direction of change is one thing. Creating the player who sets a new standard and gets a first mover advantage is something completely different. The ambition of Cooach is to become the digitalized world's trusted adviser. This ambition is based on the core values innovation, quality and transparency.

Carl-Fredrik Morander

» Now I know what it is like to be backed by the big firm’s organization.


» Cooach allows us to maintain a small organization even as a publicly listed company.


» To use digitalization to create better customer experience and not just internal efficiency. That is what convinced me to get engaged.

Carl Schultz - Chairman of the board, former Vice President Telia

Cooach ID

The Cooach-ID is the key to the combined resources of Cooach. We set up an account - name@cooach.se - for you. With this account you can access all collaboration tools such as Slack, G-Suite, Trello and others we have set up to form a digital platform. It also gives you access to our network of experts any much more


We use the communication platform Slack as the main interface for communication with our clients and partners. We also develop our digital workforce to support our customers using Slack.


We organize a network of independent experts in areas where a SME normally have to rely on expensive consultants or just taking no advice at all


We are building a factory that can produce accounting and other process based outcome. Often replacing expensive, tailored solutions

Business Cooaches

We train professionals to become your trusted advisor and the link between digital and human services. At the heart of our service approach.


We develop our own AI-based digital assistant listening to the name Cooachbot. Not only taking care of your receipts and invoices but also becoming your general knowledge hub.

Portable office

All our users gets a true digital office in their hand. The first ever HW and SW solution that knows who you are alreday when you turn it on. It has never been this simple to work and communicate.

More apps

Besides Slack, the heart in our communication based concept, we have combined the best work- and communications tools available. As we don’t develop them we can concentrate on getting the best possible result out of them instead.

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Together, we make accounting apps look like yesterday's news


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